Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Colonia, NJ

Colonia Spine & Wellness is here to help our patients find relief from various different types of pain. One of the most common complaints we receive is neck pain. Anything from sleeping in the wrong position to getting injured in a car accident can lead to chronic neck pain. We have several techniques that are non-invasive and tackle the root of neck pain!


What Causes Neck Pain?

One of the most common causes of neck pain is poor posture. If you work at a desk all day, it’s easy to start slouching and hunching over your work. This not only leads to back pain, but can also cause neck pain. The good news is that you can do some simple things to improve your posture and alleviate neck pain.

Another common cause of neck pain is muscle strain. This can happen if you sleep in an awkward position, or if you spend a lot of time looking down at your phone or tablet. Muscle strain can also be caused by performing repetitive motions, such as typing on a keyboard or playing video games.

Finally, neck pain can also be the result of an injury, such as a car accident or a fall. In these cases, it’s important to seek medical attention right away to ensure that no serious damage has been done.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

At Colonia Spine & Wellness, we offer several different treatments for neck pain. One of the most popular is chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment that can be used to treat a variety of different conditions, including neck pain.

Chiropractic care works by realigning the spine. This can help to relieve pressure on the nerves and improve range of motion. It can also help to reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension. In many cases, chiropractic care can provide relief from neck pain after just a few sessions!

In addition to chiropractic care, we also offer other treatments, such as massage therapy and physical therapy. These can be used in conjunction with chiropractic care or on their own.

How Many Chiropractic Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments needed will vary depending on the individual. In most cases, relief can be achieved after just a few sessions. However, some patients may need ongoing treatment to manage their neck pain.

Find Relief from Neck Pain Today!

If you’re struggling with neck pain, Colonia Spine & Wellness can help. We offer a variety of different treatment options that are non-invasive, effective, and tackle the root cause of the issue. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!