Sport Injury

Though sitting for long periods is in no way advisable, being active can expose you to accidents. With the weather getting warmer, and people are going to be outside making the most of it. Chiropractic Care can help treat some of the issues that lead to joint pain, leg pain, and knee pain. Our chiropractor can even teach exercises geared towards preventing neck pain or shoulder pain. Colonia Spine and Wellness Center can help treat and prevent your sports injuries.



The proper exercises can prevent a lot of injuries. Depending on your activity of choice, a chiropractor can suggest the most applicable warm-ups to prevent or minimize neck pain or shoulder pain that is common with nearly every sport or activity. Different stretches to target muscle groups or joints can make or break the results of a fun adventure.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, injuries just happen. An unexpected twist can cause leg pain, knee pain, and other joint pain. Chiropractic physical therapy can be used to treat the injured joints and restore mobility to the pre-injury condition as best as possible. Being trained to focus on the musculoskeletal structure of the body helps our chiropractors provide effective treatment that may be overlooked by non-specialists. 

Pain Management

Injuries can lead to pain. Because of this, it will be necessary to learn ways around life with the pain of the injury while it is being treated. Unlike many physicians who simply throw medication as pain management, our office focuses on treating the actual cause of the pain. We prefer to focus on hands-on treatment, avoiding the use of narcotics or other painful injections. Our goal is to fix you so that you will not need to rely on medications. 

Sports Injury Treatment for Children

As children love to be active and tend to be fearless, it’s only natural that they get the occasional sports injury. Our office also treats children with the same conditions as adults. With their bones and muscles still growing, children are quite susceptible to joint injury. We aim to make sure that the injury isn’t grown into, as can happen if an injury is ignored simply because nothing was shown as broken on an x-ray.

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